We Repair Hydraulic Vibrators used on MBW Slipform Pavers

The MBW Paver slip forms curb, curb & gutter and similar profiles with a level of quality that rivals larger pavers. In commercial parking lots and other applications with tight radii, the MBW Paver out-performs larger machines. Cost savings associated with use of the MBW Paver are significant and ongoing. Purchase cost is a fraction of large pavers. Transport is accomplished with a pick-up truck and trailer. Crew size can be held to 3-5 people. Maintenance is low.

The MBW Paver bridges the gap between hand forming curbs and slip forming with large machines. Three models are available. The two wheel drive C101 pours to a 12" width, 18" height. The two wheel drive C101-18 pours to a 18" width, 18" height. The three wheel drive CG200 slip forms profiles within a 48" wide by 18" high parameter. Hopper sizes are available in 24", 30", 36" and 48". Given a reasonable level of variable control, the MBW Paver pours a 3' radius with ease.

While production rates vary and are dependent on mix, grade, and crew proficiency, 1000 to 1500 feet of curb and gutter would represent a typical day's pour. In the tack-on curb over pavement application, the MBW Paver has the potential to slipform up to 5000 thousand feet/day.

(Company description from MBW website)