We Repair Power Paver/ Power Curber Hydraulic Vibrators
(Company description from Power Curber Website)

The 5700 Series is the #1 selling curb machine in the world. It’s fast, compact, and versatile, and it’s helping concrete contractors all over the world bring projects in on time. The machine will celebrate its 25th year in production in 2010.

It also slipforms highway safety barrier, parapet, sidewalks, irrigation ditches, highway dividers, golf and bicycle paths, stadium risers and other special applications. Our reliable extruder products are small, walk-behind curb machines that extrude either concrete or asphalt curb. The Power Curber 150 and the Power Curber 440-XL are low-cost profit centers that can pay for themselves with one curb project.

The SF-2700 and SF-3000 two-track slipform pavers are designed to pave between 12′ (3.65m) and 27′ (8.23) wide, or up to 32′ (9.75m) wide with optional extensions. The SF-2700 is ideal for residential streets, street rehabilitation, and overlay work while the larger SF-3000 is our heavy duty paver with the weight and stability to handle large jobs at high production rates up to 20″ (50cm) thick.

Our form pavers, with only 12″ (30.5cm) of side clearance required, are most frequently seen in congested commercial parking lots where slipform machines simply won’t fit. The FP-2700 and FP-3000 ride on metal forms so are also well suited on airport projects where concrete pavement depths make slipforming difficult.

The TC-2700 texture/cure machine allows you to follow closely behind your paver texturing the surface and spraying curing compound in one pass.

When you can’t place concrete directly in front of the paver, our PS-2700 and PS-3000 placer/spreaders are ideal. The belt on the PS-2700 runs through the tracks, allowing it to be transported fully assembled and without the use of a crane. With its’ 60″(152cm) wide conveyor belt mounted on the front of the machine, the PS-3000 delivers large amounts of concrete to the paver quickly.

Our pre-owned machines are quality products. As the manufacturer, we know what to look for in pre-owned Power Curbers and how to get them back into good working order. We start with the best used machines available and we use factory parts. And we’re your partner: Our after-sale support means that once the machine is on your job, we’re still available.


SF-2700 Slipform Paver
SF-3000 Slipform Paver